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When it comes to termites, you will notice a different set of signs that alert you to their presence. These signals vary by the different types of termites. For subterranean varieties, you may notice small pencil-thick mud tubes entering holes or cracks around the foundation of your building. These are created to maintain the temperature and moisture levels that these bugs require to thrive and expand their territory. They protect the insects from cooler, warmer, or drier air that makes up our environment and seal them into a micro environment all their own.

Another telltale sign of subterranean termite invasion is the coffee-ground-like piles of droppings in corners, under windows, at doorways, and other places where they might collect from feeding termites excretions as they chew away at the wood in these areas. The coffee-ground-like droppings are piles of termite feces that get pushed out of the nests to keep them clean for all the bugs and are one of the first noticeable signs that you might notice when a nest has formed in your property.

Next, are dry-wood termite signs. These include warping wood that might make the opening and closing of windows and/or doors become sticky and difficult over time. This warping occurs from the wood eating insects feeding on the frame structure of these building features and adding moisture through their presence while removing shape and strength. Another sign of these and many other types of termites are spots on hardwood flooring. These spots may appear like water damage or similarly affected areas that the termites cause from eating away the underneath side of flooring material.

If you notice any signs of termite nests appearing inside, then it is time to hire a professional termite exterminator who specializes in knowledge of how to kill termites. These pest control specialists will perform a termite inspection, then execute a termite treatment, and finally set you up with a long-term termite control plan for the future to eliminate these damaging pests from the property, hopefully forever. This is done with their specific training and knowledge about how to get rid of termites altogether. They should also figure out how the invading species made its way into your building and seal off that avenue of attack from future colonies using it to get inside and make a home for themselves.

These are just the signs of two of the major types of pests that live in the Bronx and work their way into our lives regularly. The other major types of unwelcome guests include rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches. All of these have their own signs and signals that alert you to their presence and you should familiarize yourself with these to be able and keep a watchful eye out for these invading pests to catch them as sooner rather than later. This will help keep your termite treatment cost down and make it easier to hire and schedule a home pest control service business to help you rid your home or property of these wood-eating insects.

This will help you to identify when the proper time is to call in a professional ant exterminator, bed bug exterminator, roach exterminator, bee exterminator, mice exterminator, flea exterminator, rat exterminator, or an all-around bug exterminator or rodent exterminator to help you rid your home of pests of any and all species. When you first notice signs of an issue, you should immediately call in a pest control company to do an inspection and provide you with a quote for a plan to rid your property of the invaders.

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